About Us

Atomic Helicopters was founded in 2010. Our goal from day one is to provide premium quality instruction and services that always kept the student or customer as the top priority. We chose our aircraft and instructors with this goal in mind.

The Schweizer 300 is an ideal platform for training due to it's long time safety record, and relative ease of flying when compared to the R-22. Our average graduation time for a private license has proven to be almost 30 hours of flight time less than the average time flown for the same license in an R-22 at any local school, and that saves you thousands of dollars.

It is our stated goal to provide superior, cost effecient flight training in a safe, supportive environment. We aim to be as flexible to your schedule and life as possible, because we understand you probably have a life outside of flying. Most of our students have jobs, families, and lives that require plenty of time and attention, and we understand that.

Unlike other area schools, we also allow our students to rent an aircraft for personal flights after your training is complete. Most schools simply don't, and what's the point in getting a license to fly if you aren't allowed to do it outside of training? The Puget Sound area has so many beautiful places to visit, some only accessible by foot or helicopter, and flying with us gives you a chance to experience them!

Bryan Kaasa

Bryan is Founder, Co-owner and lead instructor at Atomic.

Matt Taylor

Matt is Co-owner, Agriculture manager and instructor at Atomic.

Eric Bruhahn

Eric is Co-owner and Head of Maintenance Operations.