Helicopters are our passion

Where you choose to learn to fly will affect the rest of your career. At Atomic Helicopters we take that very seriously. We have a responsibility to our students to provide safe, cost efficient training that cuts no corners.

We will provide you with excellent flight training and comprehensive one on one ground training to prepare you fully for your tests, and your career.

We have chosen the Schweizer 300 for our students because of its excellent safety record, and its student friendly flying qualities. Most students are able to progress through their flight training much closer to "on schedule", and therefore on budget in the Schweizer than in other helicopters used for training.

We have both VFR and IFR training helicopters, and instructors with years of experience in both.

At Atomic we know that value is important to our students. We offer very competitive all inclusive rates ($350/flight hr in the S300) as well as a 5% discount on flight hours when pre-purchased in blocks of 10 hours.

We partner with Pilot Financing to provide flight training finance if desired.

Private Pilot

The private pilot license is the first you will be earning as you progress through your training, and it is the foundation that your life as a pilot will be built on. Therefore the training you receive during the private pilot phase of training is extremely important.

You will be challenged both physically and mentally, because during this phase of training everything is new. To help you through that, we have designed a very comprehensive and structured syllabus that takes you methodically through from your introductory flight to the Private Pilot Checkride.

The Schweizer 300 is a forgiving helicopter to learn to fly, and that will help you progress quickly from the basics of learning to hover, through your solo flights, and earn your license with as small a hit to your pocketbook as possible.

We will also make available to you a complete set of study materials that will point you in the right direction as you study. You will spend almost as much time with your instructor on the ground as you do in the air, as they guide you through the material to ensure you have an actual understanding of the material, not just rote memorization for the test.

Commercial Pilot

After you have completed your Private Pilot training and testing, you will move on to your Commercial training. A Commercial license allows you to earn money flying helicopters. The flight training intensifies, with introduction of more maneuvers and higher standards. Ground Training follows suit as you learn all the FAA regulations that pertain to making a living flying Commercially.

You will also have a choice to make as it comes to the path you want to take in training. Most pilots earn their Instrument Rating immediately after their Private training is complete. There is a gap of about 100 hours between Private and Commercial tests, and the most cost efficient way to complete those hours is to use 40 of them to get your Instrument Rating. Since you will be flying those hours anyway to get to the experience level you need for your Commercial License, why not earn an extra rating along the way?

Certified Flight Instructor

The final phase of most pilots training is the Certified Flight Instructor Rating. This rating requires the least flight time, but the most ground training, and it is a real challenge for most people.

At Atomic Helicopters we will commit as many hours of flight and ground training as it takes for you to be ready to complete this final phase of training. When you finish the CFI course, you will be ready to move to the next phase of your flight career.

Most pilots begin their flight career as an instructor as they build flight hours, and we, as most flight schools, tend to hire from the pool of instructors that we have trained. There are of course no guarantees of employment, but at this point you will be considered for employment with us and will be able to apply at any other school in the country.