Fly with confidence.

Atomic Helicopters has a 100% safety rating.

Your safety is our top priority, which is why our team is filled with highly experienced pilots and an in house maintenance team.


Flight Training

We have chosen the Schweizer 300 for our students because of its excellent safety record, and its student friendly flying qualities. Most students are able to progress through their flight training much closer to "on schedule", and therefore on budget in the Schweizer than in other helicopters used for training.

We have both VFR and IFR training helicopters, and instructors with years of experience in both.

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The Airbus Ecostar H130,Robinson R44 and Schweizer 300 are perfect aerial platforms for tours and photography/videography. All of our helicopters have excellent visibility with the 300C having greater headroom, cockpit width and easily removable doors. Both have plenty of room for all your gear with the R44 being able to take up to 3 passengers. With the 4 hour range of the 300C and speed of the R44, you have the flexibility to tour, photograph, or travel to anything in the Puget Sound area, including ocean, mountains, cities and rural areas.

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We are based out of Boeing Field in Seattle but our mobile service truck is ready to travel anywhere in the greater Puget Sound Region.

Our experienced staff includes both FAA certified IA and A&P mechanics with years of experience on both fixed wing and rotorcraft aircraft.

We are one of the only GA aircraft maintenance providers in Seattle and we love being able to say that the majority of our maintenance staff are also pilots.  

If we are unable to service your aircraft, we will work with you to find you someone that can.

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